Welcome to our site from CargoMaster! This site is designed to help you identify more quickly the type of air freight service that you are looking for and the various air freight services available from CargoMaster.

Air Freight Australia services offer same day , overnight, next day and off peak air freight services Australia wide. CargoMaster’s Air freight Australia operations are available 24/7, door to door or airport to airport air freight Australia wide and to the Pacific Islands too!. If you are intending to ship your goods during the day 0900hrs-1700hrs then the type of aircraft available is limited, most aircraft that move during the day (except to Perth and from Perth) in Australia are narrow body aircraft as such your cargo will need to be presented in pieces weighing no more than 50-60kg per piece . As most aircraft are “narrow body” you will also need to check with CargoMaster if your consignment is large or awkward as certain larger pieces may not fit into the narrow body aircraft. You should also speak to CargoMaster about HAZ cargo it is important to identify HAZ cargo , which in most cases can be uplifted with the correct packaging and documentation, again you should call CargoMaster if you have any questions in relation to HAZ cargo. To help move your air freight quickly and smoothly ,ensure it is packaged correctly for air cargo transportation, clearly address your goods, if you intend sending more than one piece, number each piece. Insurance is not normally offered with Air Freight Australia services however, if you speak to CargoMaster prior to the collection of your cargo ,special insurance cover may be able to be taken out. Should your consignment be particularly fragile (all CargoMaster air freight is handled with the utmost care) then you should request FRAGILE stickers be attached to the goods , your consignment might also need to be kept upright, you should mark your shipment “THIS WAY UP””AND “KEEP UPRIGHT” our people will ensure your cargo is indeed kept upright and instructions are followed when they are loading the aircraft.

Air Freight Australia services include on ground security services at airport or departure and airport or arrival for valuable air freight. CargoMaster handles after hours exhibition air cargo and moving show bands around Australia while on concert. CargoMaster uplifts a broad range of air cargo including ; steel, timber, construction machinery, minin equipment, ships spares, tiles, ship fittings, books, newspapers, magazines, industrial equipment, medical equipment, emergency equipment the list is endless!

Remember, if you need Air Freight Australia then you need CargoMaster one of Australia’s most experienced domestic air freight operators.





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